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FASTBLOCK® Aircraft Thermal Insulation

TA Aerospace’s FASTBLOCK® Aircraft Thermal Insulation is a cutting-edge product category specifically engineered for the aerospace sector. This line of thermal insulation solutions is meticulously designed to offer exceptional protection and efficiency under the demanding conditions of aerospace applications. The FASTBLOCK® series encompasses a range of products, including the FASTBLOCK® 100, a solvent-based, moisture-cured sealant and adhesive perfect for sealing gaps and mending damaged thermal blankets, capable of enduring flash temperatures up to 2000°F. The FASTBLOCK® 201 is another solvent-based, moisture-cured fire barrier and thermal insulation coating, which is particularly suited for aircraft firewall structures or other components, also withstanding flash temperatures up to 2000°F. The pinnacle of this series is the FASTBLOCK® 900, a water-based fluorocarbon coating that can be sprayed or brushed on, acting as a formidable chemical barrier to underlying materials and serving as a robust thermal and fire barrier, withstanding a temperature range from -65°F to 400°F, and tolerating short-term exposure up to 2000°F. These products are integral to enhancing the safety and performance of of aircraft engines, airframes, and spacecraft.

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